Our sexual fantasies

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We are couple (Edd & Felicia) who love porn and anal sex.
Porn is an art and in lot of pictures you can see that it really is.
We get horny watching anal, double penetrations, double anal, double vaginal, fisting, deepthroats, nice butts, anal gapes, creampies, cum on woman's body, squirting, hairy pussies, big pussy lips, pussy piercings, amateur photos, tiny and skinny girls (not too skinny), ebony girls, lace lingerie, lace, pantyhose, fishnets, body stockings, big dildos and big dicks. Photos you can see here are not ours. You can ask whatever you want. Most of time the guy is posting, but girl is always somewhere around, saying her opinion what to reblog, witch picture to post or sometimes just sucking his dick..

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